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the age old question.

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  • the age old question.

    I am starting up a Mowing business in my area. I have been the guy that does it for beer money for a while and i am working on going Legal. I do have a few questions now that I am going to become an actual business. I have always funded everything out of my own pocket and what ever money I made went back into it. I always knew i was making more than I was putting into but never had to keep track of it. My question is after you subtract your costs what do you pay yourselves, what do you keep for the business account, and what percentage do you keep for repairs and maint? I know everyone will have a different answer and it will need to be fine tuned to my business, but Im just looking for rough percentages or any advice

    thanks in advance

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    Re: the age old question.

    Hello chris2500hd,

    Welcome to the Lawn Service Forum Community!

    I always paid myself a small salary & as time went on I increased my salary a little more.
    30 years later I still pay myself a small salary. If I need more money I write a check. (Bonus)
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      Re: the age old question.

      If you want to know the best lawn care software for your mowing business its the Managemart one. ive used it and its way better than any others with the best features as well. Makes it so easy to run your business guys and its only $20 a month.