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  • Need advice on business


    I just started a new business and I want to promote it on the social media sites.
    So I need advice promoting my business. I actually checked a lot of resources and also checked business teaser trailer but did not get much idea about promoting.

    It would be great if you guys can help me with your advices.

    Any help will be appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Need advice on business

    This is a loaded question.
    Do you have a website?
    Have you gone to Google My Business and taken ownership of your company profile?
    Do you intent to focus on 1 town/community at first?
    Did you set up a company Facebook page?
    If you have no budget to pay web guys then I would set up a Google My business Page. There is also a link there where they let you design a site. I would also try to get a few reviews there. This way you will show up on Google maps when people search in your area. Set up a Facebook page. Get some Facebook followers and likes. Find a local facebook Mom's group and either post there or get a member to to it for you.
    Getting a strong local presence on the web takes time and work. We work hard at my company to get a lot of reviews. We have about 1000 on the web at this point. Here is a link to one of my review pages.


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      Re: Need advice on business

      A good piece of advice by AllWet.

      I would also suggest to work on your FB/Twitter/Instagram accounts attracting interested followers and setup a remarketing campaign in FB/Instagram/Google on the people who visited a website. Even if you have a limited budget, this will be very helpful in terms of conversions and leads.