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    Hello all. Just joined today. I am in New Jersey and not a lawn professional. Have a question about grass seed. First let me explain what the situation is. I just had a new front walkway installed and half of the front yard landscaped. This left quite a bit of bare spots that the contractor placed fresh top soil and grass seed. This was 8 days ago. I have been watering the areas every day. First time is around 3pm and the second time is just before dark right around 730pm to 8pm. I am seeing quite a bit of germination in certain areas and bare spots in others.

    How long should I wait before assuming that the bare spots will not grow in? I have no idea what type of grass seed or brand was used. So I am unsure how long it will take for the grass to grow. Would it be a safe bet that after two weeks time if I do not see germination that it is safe to assume that any remaining grass seed has died? How long should I wait before trying to seed the bare areas to get the lawn complete?

    Sorry that was more than one question. Need some assistance. Thanks in advance


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    Re: Grass seed

    If you are watering every day and it has not grown after 2 weeks then its safe to assume it will not grown