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Single VS dual axle trailers

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  • Single VS dual axle trailers

    (assume everything else is comparable).
    Around here new single axle trailers are about the same cost as a used dual axle. What are the tradeoffs? Is there a significant difference between ride & handling? Hearing a single hit a pothole makes me grit my teeth, but are the tandems any better? Obviously more weight, hardware and rubber to maintain on the tandems. Am I missing anything? Thanks!

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    Welcome Shalmanesar to the forum.

    Everything is better with dual axle, lot smoother ride, handling better. You will not be beating your equipment to death. You will be able to drive farther if you have a flat, with a single axle a flat will stop you dead in your tracks. You will have a few more flats with dual axle, keep the crappy tires on the rear.
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