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Pressure washer for trucks/ equipment

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  • Pressure washer for trucks/ equipment

    My little electric washer took a dump. I used the crap out of it, so I'm not surprised it gave up on me. It served it's purpose well, but I grew tired of it's limitations over time.

    Anyway, it's time to buy something better. Thinking a gas unit this time around. Question is, what would be a good unit to buy? I would primarily use it to wash vehicles/ trailers/ equipment and such. However, occassionally it could be used to wash my fence and house. That said, what pressure should I be looking at? I don't want something that will blast decals off mowers, etc.

    My electric one was rated at 1750 psi (I believe), a Karcher w/ the fancy nozzle deal that supposedly doubles the washing power...
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    You need to look at gallons per minute, not psi.
    The more gpm, the better.

    For what you want, look for at least 3-4 gpm.

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      i have a 3 gpm power washer and im happy with it, although im just a home owner, dont do business with it. Mines a craftsman. I was going to get a troybilt, but it had same setup just different name and a little cheaper in my price range.