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The Ultimate Garage Fronted Snow Removal Machines.

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    My machine would bring tears to your eyes. I'll try to get some photos up tonight. But there is no doubt, it is faster. I'm not putting down your machine, but the one I have is faster.

    More to come.
    a.k.a.---> Erich

    Build a man a fire, he'll be warm for a day.
    Set a man on fire, he'll be warm for the rest of his life.


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      I am waiting ever so paitiently to post pictures in my replies, however I have not been granted the ability to do so at this time. Stay tuned......


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        Originally posted by ba1m2x2
        I am waiting ever so paitiently to post pictures in my replies, however I have not been granted the ability to do so at this time. Stay tuned......
        You must find a Free Photo Hosting web site or some place to host the pics on line & then you place a URL to them in your post.
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          Originally posted by Jack D.
          Mr. Hardboiled is correct. The unit sports a Tach/hr Meter.

          Mr. Ric is advised to put on his hat and not let the door hit him on the way out

          Jack D

          I guess it is better to have the door bump Mr Ric as he leave, Than to have it slammed in Jack D's face before Jack D can enter.

          You can lead a donkey to water but you can't make the Jackass drink.


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            Mr. ba1m2x2 is able to fabricate an automatic chute rotation with a heavy duty DC motor and yet he is unable to figure out how to post a pic..

            Mr Skaper is desperately waxing his skid steer w/blower in the hopes its polished gloss blinds us to the units limitations.

            Jack D. has become weary of waiting and crowns his units Ultimate Garage Fronted Small Residential Snow Removal Machines 2006®

            Likely we will never hear from Mr. Skaper or Mr. ba1m2x2 again. Perhaps they will attempt to re register under new screen names. We must be vigilant and root out the rot than threatens our professional decorum.


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              Thanks GM for the help.

              This is it. this is what I have been talking about.
              I switched the summer lawn tires, with some Carlisle X-trac tires.
              Note the light rack.....has some what of Yamaha Banshee look with the double round head light. Hey Jack thats so you can see what your doing when its dark. also
              the location of the battery is key. All that is needed is a very compact battery. (VCB). A large battery such that Jack D is using is simply over kill. Provided he has the correct 13 AMP coil Kawasaki PN/59031-7009. The 13 Amp coil provides more than enough zap to power the two lights and the 1/7th HP DC motor. With a 12V regulator a small battery such as mine is more than enough to handle any short term power needs.



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                In these next two links you get to see the lights much better.
                and you get a close up of the Spring Return DPDT switch with allows for an
                instant return to Neutral as to stop rotation as soon as you let off the switch.
                The Switch is located perfectly in line with my thumb on my right hand. Seeing as how this is way more efficient than what you dreamed up, I have no need for electric hand warmers. I am just not out in the snow long enough for my fingers to get cold.




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                  So here you have it everyone. Decide for yourself.
                  In this link you see the VCB tucked neatly to the rear left of the engine.
                  all wires neatly tucked into the wire wrap.


                  In these next two links you can see the DC Motor with a 5:1 pully reduction ratio.
                  This gives the 1/7th HP Motor much more torque and it slows the rotation down from 1750PRM to 350 RPM, the perfect speed. The chute can go from one side to the other in about 3 seconds with little effort. The fastest side to side pass by hand can be done in about 6 seconds.....go ahead Jack D. we will wait while you go and time yourself......yes between 5-6 seconds.....and cranking like that is ridiculous.
                  3 perfect...not to fast to be out of control.
                  The belt is not too tight as that is where I want the give to be should the worm gear max out and get to the end.....better to have belt slippage....than a busted worm gear. ........Jack D....keep practiceing you may get your time down to 4 seconds......



                  I believe the term "ameteurish" was used somewhere in this thread...I am pretty sure now that we have seen what you and I have to offer.....we can both agree that the term "ameteurish" is appropriate for this thread......when used to describe your attempt to build what once occured to you in a dream as "The Ultimate Garage Fronted Snow Removal Machines".....well what you witnessed in these links Mr Jack D. is the same machine that appeared to you in your have been reunited with it......your welcome. Oh and your battery set up... well.....its very "Denis the Menace". Kinda thrown together in a hurry.
                  Thank you evey one for taking the time to view this thread.
                  Jack D. thank you for sharing your did your best...and that my friend is what really counts.


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                    Originally posted by Jack D.

                    Jack D. has become weary of waiting..........

                    Likely we will never hear from Mr. Skaper or Mr. ba1m2x2 again.

                    Uh Jack, it took you weeks to get your photos up. I'm on a different computer right now and can't upload to my website. You will just have to wait until tomorrow.

                    More info to come.

                    How much are these blower/mower units, and the other goodies you have installed?
                    a.k.a.---> Erich


                    Build a man a fire, he'll be warm for a day.
                    Set a man on fire, he'll be warm for the rest of his life.


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                      So far in this one I have about 375 in xtra's, but that includes about $160 in parts that I had to order to make my KAW 17HP generate 12v for the accessories. This TTHP did not come electric start......Jack D. "girly man pec's" require that he have the electric start...I have no problem using a manual start. Had this already had a battery I would say to set up the lights and the chute rotation there is about $215 in there. About 15 driveways....and cha ching it was paid for.....Took 2.5 hours max.


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                        Jack D. is very impressed with Mr. ba1m2x2's remote chute control and will be adding an improved knock off shortly.

                        However there are several features which are either lacking or poorly executed.

                        Please use the pic below as your reference.

                        1) Safety feature hinders performance and should be removed (rookie mistake)

                        2) AT tires used instead of proper Winter Tires

                        3) Prime Time Scrub 21"

                        4) Small tank/underpowered air

                        5) Is that a Summer Hydro Filter Jack D. sees ?

                        6) Xmark cheap Asian Rip-Off of eXmark

                        7) Battery too small for serious consideration or hand warmers

                        8) No remote spout control


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                          9) Also unable to angle to 45° (up from 30° stock).


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                            Jack, why not just use the blade option most of the time? Have you considered putting some wings on it so it will clear a wider path? Does it not have enough down pressure or what?

                            It seems it might be easier to load with just the blade as well?
                            a.k.a.---> Erich


                            Build a man a fire, he'll be warm for a day.
                            Set a man on fire, he'll be warm for the rest of his life.


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                              Jack D. also compliments Mr. ba1m2x2's on his lighting. Generally Jack D. does not need lighting as he works in densely populated areas with well illuminated street lights. However, after seeing Mr. ba1m2x2's fixtures, Jack D. has decided to add a JAOS Off Road lighting system for Bling Value.

                              Mr. Skaper is advised that there is a detachable wing attached on the right side of pictured plow and that downpressure can be increased with the removable weights (green) up to 240lbs depending on conditions.

                              The blowers are generally better on drives and the plows excel on walks. The reasons and conditions where each are most effective are detailed and complex. If Jack D. could chose 1 unit only it would be the blower.

                              The single stage Toros must not be discounted.

                              Good Luck


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                                If were voting.....I vote for Mr. ba1m2x2's blower.Jack yours is nice too but Mr. ba1m2x2's is a little more impresive looking.
                                I just wish i had the spare time to create such a monster!LOL!!

                                And byt the way you might wanna start switchin those back over to mowers.The grass is growin and the snow isnt blowin....spring is HERE!?