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Grader blade for snow - how well does it work?

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  • Grader blade for snow - how well does it work?

    I need some equipment for my 400-foot driveway in northern Indiana.

    I'm looking at a 45-HP tractor w/ a 7-foot grader blade on the 3-pt hitch. But somebody who plows with his F150 4x4 says a truck will be MUCH faster and do a much better job than a tractor with a blade like that.

    Is he right?


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    Sure a truck would be faster that is obvous. The question is do you have a use for a tractor other than plowing? Do you have a use for a truck with a plow other than plowing your driveway? Try to find a tractor with bucket. You can pick up a back blade cheap enough somewhere. Good luck.


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      It's your own driveway? 400' isn't much either way to make a big difference.

      A tractor is much more versatile anyhow, but unless you have other uses for the tractor - buy whatever is the cheapest option.


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        Truck will be warmer unless you opt for the cab.
        Tractor is more versitile.
        You can get front plow for a tractor if you want.

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          If you don't have a need for a tractor or a plow other then your drive, it would be years before you get you return on investment vs just hireing someone.

          remember you average pushable snow fall per season is around 6-8.


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            I agree too. The blade pattern won't work when the snow gets 3 or 4 feet deep, but a FEL lets you to keep picking it up and pushing it back.
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              Hi..Daniel Wilson... i agree with you a plows will do grate work with tractor to easily remove snow for driveway.

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