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Thread: Dose anyone us a Four Wheeler to plow Res.

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    I had a Polaris 450 back in the mid 90s with a plow. Worked great. As was said before the plow frame attached way back underneath. Plowed a small parking lot 100x35 in ahbout 15 min with 10" of heavy wet snow. I carried out an elk, myself and a buddy on it in one trip roughly 6 miles. Never had a problem. Carried out half a moose and no problem. As for plowing, I though it did a great job.

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    i have a few 01' polaris sportsman 400's and these things are basicly bulletproof, ive never plowed, but i have towed a 2000lb trailer around the house to move it to the truck, plently of power even on the 400. I would deff go with polaris though, gotta love the CTV, your always in the perfect gear

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    We used a quad on all of our sidewalks in a shopping center last year, it works great when it was running. The winch on the plow would jam, and we would have to pull it out and get it back into the right spot, it usually did this after we hit a curb, but at night with not that much light, it is difficult to fix right away. It did a good job with getig the snow off the sidewalk, right down to the cement, os it had enough down force, and turning around was pretty easy. I do not know if I wold use it on a driveway though, unless you had a straight run at it, but then I would still use my truck plow. I liked the quad because it save you from walking the entire shopping center when you are clearing the snow, and made it easy for going back for quick clean-ups after it stopped.
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    Default Works ok

    Last year I used a Yamaha 350 4x4 with a cycle country blade and the elec. winch. It did a good job on driveways and walks but it was hard to find a place to put the snow and you can not carry a lot very far . Am not doing it this year as it is a pain and not that much money in removal on a small scale.

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    Bulldog26, I have a Kawasaki 650 Brute Force with a 48" moose plow. I plow approximately 3/4 of a mile of dirt road with it when it snows and have had very good results. It has the manual lift which does reduce ground clearance a little, but when you're plowing, it's usually not on terrain that requires maximum clearanceThat's just my 2 cents, hope it helps.

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    I have an 800 Sportsman, with a 40 inch Glacier Plow, Warn winch. I do my drive 30' X 45' in about 15 minutes, with an average snow fall of about 3 inches. I love it and wouldn't use anything else. I did have an issue last year with ice, where I wanted a snow blower. I have a 620 Grasshopper with a 48" blower this year to work with the ATV so I could possibly make some money doing this. Any advice would be helpful. Thank You.

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    I have a wheel horse 108-5 rear engine rider that has a 46" swivel blade. It works great. I had to mount some weights on the blade to keep it from bouncing.

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    Yes. We have Water trucks, Crash Truck, Snow plows, Multi-lift trucks and many more.
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