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Thread: roof shoveling advice

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    Default roof shoveling advice

    today we went out and shoveled a couple roofs and its good money. we usually do driveways and walkways but we are trying to expand the business. any advice as far as shovels and possibly what boots to wear? one of my guys fell off but didnt get hurt but there was a lot of close calls today. any advice would be greatly apreciated. thanks

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    Default Where Did You Go Rosalind ?????????

    Quote Originally Posted by rosalind View Post
    If the roof is extreme, smooth or set at an angle even somewhat, it is best to not get out on to it. Your family would much instead substitute a top which has caved in than to substitute you. Should you figure out that your top is secure and smooth and you experience secure enough going for walks out onto it.
    such good advice......i sure do miss your dumb azz............i'm thinking you was really a rocket scientist sent here to help us out with all your brilliant answers and advice.........


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    I think it would depend on the size of the roof. I would let the owner/ operator know an hourly rate and then record the time it takes to complete the job.

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