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    Guys watch out! I tried to buy a lawn care business from a guy off of CraigsList named Kevin Capps and found out he didn't have all the accounts he claimed he had and wouldn't give me my money back. He also sold the same lawn care business to 3 other people. He's posting ads for a lawn landscaping business for sale in the Dallas, Denton and Austin Texas CraigsList areas. There's a case in court now he was charged with 4 felony counts of theft but he's still posting ads. Be very skeptical and super careful buying lawn business off CraigsList especially in the North Dallas Texas area.

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    Thank you. My brother lives in the Dallas area and told me about this. He and I had talked about looking into this aas a partnership. I would help finance and he would do the labor. You probably saved me a lot of trouble.

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    Default Lawn Ventures Inc Texas Argyle

    In my opinion it looks like he's gearing up another company to scam someone.
    Lawn Ventures Inc (this is the latest one he's "Selling") out of Argyle Texas
    Lone Star Lawn and Landscaping
    OC Lawn Care
    Operation Cut Lawn and Tree Services

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    The newest business name that he's using is Lawn Ventures, LLC
    scam fraud this guy wont stop.

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    Well looks like he has moved on to easier prey, here's his mug shot for his latest activity.

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