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Thread: Quite Craftman Trimmer

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    Default Quite Craftman Trimmer

    i have a craftsman trimmer # 358.797150 . think it's from 1984 . is ther any ting i can do to quite the muffler ? or replace it with another one ?

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    Default Sorry to be a Smart A$$, but

    Throw it out and buy a real string trimmer like an Echo, Stihl, Redmax, or Shindowa that are made for commercial work. That Crapsman will wear out and was designed to be a throw away when used commercially. If its the only one you can afford at the moment, plan to upgrade rhis year.

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    I've never seen an aftermarket muffler for two cycle equipment.

    Be sure to take it apart and burn the carbon off of the spark arrestor screen.

    Other than that, if equipment is too loud I wear inner ear plugs and the ear muff hearing protection at the same time.
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