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Thread: Real Low Hrs Exmark ZTR 4-5 yrs old rule of thumb value?

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    Question Real Low Hrs Exmark ZTR 4-5 yrs old rule of thumb value?

    I'm in the market for a used Exmark 48-52" Lazer. I have seen some local ads for 2007/2008 lazers with 50-200 hrs on them. Either the guy jumped into the business and jumped out quickly or a homeowner putting 25 hrs on his mower per year for 4 years.

    ZTR prices, especially Exmark have risen sharply over the last 4 years. Lets say back in 2007, the lazer with 27Hp Kawasaki engine MSRP was 7K. These guys are looking for near 6K now because the mower has only 100 hours.

    My question is what would you guys pay for a exmark or scag ZTR mower out of warranty, 4 years old, even with baby hrs on it? The guy will say that mower today costs 8-9K, you are getting a deal for 6K! Should I be using 2008 MSRP at a starting point or 2012 msrp? or is a 2008 exmark ztr and 2012 just gimmick differences are essentially the same mower?

    thanks Vince

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    They can ask all they want, getting it is another story.

    I can not tell you the exact blue book value of a machine today but what I can tell you is that most people over-estimate the value of what they are selling, and what I also know is that blue book is based on the value of the machine that is being sold and has nothing to do with the value of today's machines per se.

    So if the mower sold for 5 thousand 3 years ago, then the blue book's depreciation is based on that, whether new ones sell today for 3 thousand or for 80 thousand doesn't matter.

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    If it's in near new condition offer them $5k. You're cut off point is $5250. Anything above that isn't a good deal - just walk away. At $6k they won't sell it quick.
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