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    long story short i recently became self employed and have gotten a business license to start my own lawn service company. so far i have had only customer did some apartments. i wonder if i am pricing too high theres alot of lawn care folks cutting alot in the town i live in. i did see one offering to cut for 30 but i dont see how they make a profit unless they dont drive very far. i also made some business cards too. whats the best way to market it. done some door to door too handing out the cards but have not had much luck getting more customers

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    Soliciting is usually not allowed in neighborhoods. You need to make yourself visible. Network with people. Tell them you are starting out and need business. People love to help people. If you have some money, join local chamber and business groups. The more hands you shake, the more you will get back. Pricing? Ask the people who you didn't win. Same thing. Tell them you are new and need to do it right. Ask them to help you establish your business by telling you what you did wrong and how to improve. Most will help you.


    Eastside Landcare

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    Lonnie gave some great pointers. The best thing to do is to get some stickers for your truck and equipment and get out where you would like to have work. Social media is great, and you can "BLAST" your posts if you are running a promotion to get lots of new work. That worked for me! I gained clients from that post, and turned out they wanted more work done. Hope it helps.

    Doug Green

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