I have installed sprinkler systems in the past and know that some sinkage and shifting is expected over time. I have always used the same soil from the hole to burry the sprinkler body and have never run into any issues. My installations are usually straight forward, compact the dirt with a hammer around the body, place a rock under the line, and always use the largest body to keep them secure and in place.

My current installation however is so problematic that my normal installation process just wont cut it. They have a horrible mixture of random materials they are calling their "soil". They need to get all new soil put in, but that is not something I do, nor do I believe is something they are interested in at this time anyway.

After installing the first sprinkler it became apparent to me that I needed to do something different. The head was shifting, sinking, leaning, turning, and even raising itself back up at times. Despite going through my normal steps to secure the unit in place, there was absolutely no support holding it in one place.

The option that makes most the since to me is to use a different medium to bury the sprinkler bodies. I have been thinking about different options such as clay, gravel, sand, pebbles, mulch, or some combination of materials. I would love to know if anyone has any experience or recommendations on using something other than soil.