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Thread: New website feedback please

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    Default New website feedback please

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    Hi Tomplas,

    Just ran a quick manual website audit. Want to share the issues I found.

    1. Broken Links

    Some of your resources return 4xx status codes. But for a website to have a perfect reputation in search engines' eyes and the unshakable #1 position, all resources must be right as nails.

    4xx errors often point to a problem on a website. For example, if you have a broken link on a page, and visitors click it, they may see a 4xx error. It's important to regularly monitor these errors and investigate their causes, because they may have negative impact and lower site authority in users' eyes.

    2. Duplicate page titles

    A page title is often treated as the most important on-page element. It is a strong relevancy signal for search engines because it tells them what the page is really about. It is of course important that title includes your most important keyword. But more to that, every page should have a unique title to ensure that search engines have no trouble in determining which of the website pages is relevant for this or that query. Pages with duplicate titles have fewer chances to rank high. Even more, if your site has pages with duplicate titles, other pages may be hard to get ranked as well.

    3. Too long titles 143 103 74 80
    http://professionalplasteringworcest...of-plastering/ 91 78
    http://professionalplasteringworcest...ring-services/ 89
    http://professionalplasteringworcest...easts-removal/ 93 106
    http://professionalplasteringworcest...ash-rendering/ 92
    http://professionalplasteringworcest...or-dry-lining/ 96
    http://professionalplasteringworcest...ent-rendering/ 107
    http://professionalplasteringworcest...your-feedback/ 90
    http://professionalplasteringworcest.../testimonials/ 82

    Every page should have a unique, keyword rich title. At the same time, you should try to keep title tags not too long. Titles that are longer than 70 characters get truncated by search engines and will look unappealing in search results. You're trying to get your pages ranked on page 1 in search engines, but if the title is shortened and incomplete, it won't attract as many clicks as you deserve.

    4. Emprt meta description

    Although meta descriptions don't have direct influence on rankings, they are still important while they form the snippet people see in search results. Therefore, it should "sell" the webpage to the searcher and encourage him to click through. If the meta description is empty, search engines will themselves decide what to include in a snippet. Most often it'll be the first sentence on the page. As a result, such snippets may be unappealing and irrelevant. That's why you should write meta descriptions for each of your website pages (at least for the landing pages) and include marketing text that can lure a user to click.

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    The only thing I noticed is the fact that you have the submit button on your contact form aligned in a way that is kind of weird. It is off-center and is to the left, when it is easy on the eyes symmetrically to put the submit button of your contact form in the center, just like I've done on my Alpharetta Tree Services website. When you go there, you see that the submit button is centered and is easy on the eyes symmetrically.

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    The thing I like about your plastering site is that it is well neat and kept up. It looks very professional and is easily able to show how well. Compared to my tree services site, which also looks very professional, it is also similar to Rober's stuff, which is also in the tree care industry. His stuff is Atlanta Tree Services and Marietta Tree Services

    If you know any other sites, just like Lawn Service Forum, that are able to help out with the professionalism, then just let me know so I am able to learn from them as well.

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    I think you've got some good photos on the front page. Maybe try and make the lead form stand out a little more, but not look gaudy at the same time.

    Overall, I think it looks very clean and professional. look to promoting it to see if you can do well.

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