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  • employee non-competition agreement

    Need help writing a non-competition agreement for employees to sign. Basically saying that they won't steal customers from me if they decide to start up their own business within 3 years of their termination with our company; they won't accept cash jobs with out reporting the jobs to the office; won't disclose any customer information with anyone who is not currently employeed with our company. Does anyone have a similar contract that they would be willing to e-mail me.

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    Welcome to the Lawnservicing Forum Community tryz!

    Can Anybody Help this Person Out?

    These are Just My Thoughts only!
    Personally I think it would be Hard to Enforce it in a Court of Law, Except for the Fact that it Might Scare them a Bit by signing it?

    I wouldn't want to Work Folks I don't Trust! If I didn't Trust them I would be more Worried about Liability Issues more than Anything else. Like the Person Behind the wheel of your Vehicle is the Biggest Liability there is & Then the Operators of Your equipment!

    Maybe Phil can Give some thoughts on this, When he Reads the Post? Sorry I wasn't Any Help!

    Have a nice Day & I Wish You the Best in Business!
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      Can't give legal advice because I'm not a lawyer, but I too feel that an (employee) non-compete will not hold up in court. Maybe I'm wrong ... but still think it's a good idea to have one. Maybe it would help you more just to have an understanding in "writing" as to your expectations ... concerns you mentioned in your post ... and have them sign it, acknowledge the rules so to speak. List out in paragraphs those rules, discuss with employee, have him sign as "acknowledged".

      Hope this helps

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