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    HEy guys,i just got a new computer and im starting out with quick books pro,and im having a hard time with a few things any help would be great thanks

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    See this thread, then contact Stacy (SCW):

    Stacy provided crucial help in getting my QB up to speed. I gladly paid a small fee for getting me set up properly and streamlining daily tasks - which has paid for itsself a hundred times over in efficiency and accuracy.

    Like Clint says, "A man's got to know his limitations".



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      Hi PTLlandscapingIL,

      There are a few quickbooks user forums out there. Do a search and you will find more. But here is one I found

      I hope this helps.
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        QuickBooks Pro 2020 is an all-in-one tool for simplifying your business accounting. Here is why -
        • Manage all accounting operations like bill payments, invoices & payments, etc.
        • Easy integration for business CRM, ERP & banking apps with QuickBooks Pro saves time and makes the organization better
        • Track profit and loss in business at every stepRegular updates of the latest version is available
        • Can use QuickBooks Pro software on 3 monitors that allows multi-tasking
        • Easy payment methods available. In that case quickbooks pro hosting is also a good option for you