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    When you are in need of QuickBooks accounting, you want to find an accounting company that is professional and experienced. Smolcic & Associates is an accounting firm with many years of experience, and they are located in QuickBooks, Pennsylvania. Marsha Smolcic and her team have over twenty years of experience in taxation for individuals and businesses, multi-state taxation, and difficult tax issues. Marsha is an executive board member of the Southwestern Chapter of the PICPA (Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants). She received her BS in Business from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and her MST (Masters of Science in Taxation) from Robert Morris University. Before starting Smolcic and Associates, she spent several years working in the tax department of one of the ďBig 4Ē national public accounting firms.

    Both businesses and individuals need help from accountants in order to keep their finances in order. Each year individuals often contract the services of an accountant because they must file their taxes. Some people can manage this task without help, but it is often very complicated, and many people choose to work with an accountant instead of doing it themselves. People who are self-employed and small business owners have more complex taxes than individuals. Large corporations have to file taxes as well, and many have a tax department within the company to do their taxes because the task is so time consuming.

    In addition to taxes, accountants help business owners keep track of their finances. This is also known as bookkeeping because someone is keeping track of the books or ledgers with all the financial information. Even though most financial information is stored on computers today, accountants still help individuals organize, categorize and make sense of this information. Businesses often need more than one accountant to help keep track of everything, and many small and medium sized businesses that donít have their own tax department benefit from working with an accounting firm. These firms generally have a number of accountants who have experience in different areas so that the team is more experienced as a whole.

    If you choose to work with Smolcic & Associates, you will know that you are working with an experienced team. They have worked with a number of difficult tax issues, and they are comfortable tackling even the most difficult and complex projects. They will be able to help you with all of your QuickBooks accounting needs.

    QuickBooks Accountants

    f you are an individual or a business owner in QuickBooks, Pennsylvania, you might need the services of QuickBooks accountant, who can assist you with a number of financial issues. For example, if you are a business owner, you will need an accountant to help you keep track of your finances. You need to know how much money is coming in and how much money is going out. They even keep track of how much money other businesses owe the company. They also help business make budgets so that the business can stay on track financially. This can be a daunting task for even a small business, and an accountant can help you with your bookkeeping. Also, every year, business owners have to file their taxes, which is often a complicated task. An accountant is always well versed in federal and state tax laws, and he or she will be able to help you file your taxes properly.
    Individuals also have to file taxes every year, and many people dread the approach of April because it means that they have to dig out all their financial information and try to figure it out. Some of them decide to work with an accountant instead of doing it on their own. This is a good idea if you arenít experienced in doing your taxes because it will help you avoid problems. It will help you get refunds that you might not have even known about before you worked with an accountant. What if you are self-employed? Do you file as an individual or as a business? An accountant can help you with questions like this, and they can make sure that you do everything correctly.
    In addition to bookkeeping and tax preparation, accountants can also help individuals and companies with financial advice. Accountants or accounting firms can also perform audits on businesses. This is same type of audit that the IRS does, but an external audit is performed when a company decides to do one. This can help a company have a more complete view of their finances, and it can also help reveal fraud and other financial problems if they exist.
    Accountants donít just prepare peopleís taxes, and they can help both individuals and companies in a number of different ways. So whether you need help with bookkeeping, financial planning, or just with your taxes, you should take the time to find a good QuickBooks accountant.
    Our Expert QuickBooks Pro advisers†can help you to fix all major issue on your QuickBooks Point of sale application. You can feel free to call us any time whenever you want our team is available...

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    Yes you`re right. Though there are other useful accounting tools still Quickbooks seems to be the most popular one among them.

    QuickBooks is the most renowned accounting application in the market today. Everyone knows that Intuit is quite famous for designing and developing flexible accounting and tax software that streamlines complex tasks to unleash business productivity. But, it is also true that the desktop version of QuickBooks has some valid limitations, which make it hard for businesses to track sustainable growth.

    Advantages of QuickBooks Desktop Version:
    1. QuickBooks is user-friendly and allow businesses to customize application according to current requirements.
    2. The software has many in-built features that help businesses to track income and expenses in a smart way.
    3. QuickBooks keep your business organized as it has the easy-to-use dashboard.
    4. A user can manage payroll, track changes and generate invoices without any hassle.

    In my opinion, businesses need to switch to the quickbooks cloud hosting in order to avail enhanced security, advanced features, and portability. The desktop version of QuickBooks when hosted to the cloud gains more advanced features including with the basic ones. It is better to make a switch than to rely on traditional approaches.