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  • Welcome to Lawn Service Forum - New Business Owners

    Yes, it has been awhile, but we have made lots of changes and improvements and we are glad to see you here. Please tell your friends and invite them to join us (or come back) and also make sure you use the social media sharing buttons above each post to share things you feel are helpful or interesting.

    Our objective is simple - we want this to be a community of lawn and landscape business owners and professionals who want to share, learn and discuss with other like-minded professionals in an atmosphere that does not include ridicule, sarcasm or worthless banter. We also are not focused on how many members we have or page views we can generate. Instead, this is about quality.

    If you have any questions, please post them on the site - same goes for suggestions on how we can improve the site and how it functions.

    Thanks again for joining us!

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    Re: Welcome to Lawn Service Forum - New Business Owners

    Yes sir, cool site..I'm looking forward to learning and growing with other professionals. This is my first year as a lawn care business owner.

    My first question...any negatives to using rubber mulch...only negative I see is that it never turns to compost but for some that can be a positive so not see much negative in the product (other than I only get to install it once every ten years lol)

    My website is I hope it's ok to put url on here.