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New Lawn Care Business in Frisco, TX

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  • New Lawn Care Business in Frisco, TX

    Hi all,

    Just started my lawn care business this spring. We actually already own a cleaning service (house, carpets and windows) and are now adding the lawn stuff. It's going pretty well so far.

    Would love any suggestions on finding good employees in this industry. We use Craigslist and Indeed today, but I don't know if maybe there are any other places that are specific to the lawn industry?

    Also, our website

    Would love any feedback on how me might make the site better.

    Thanks! Looking forward to being a part of the community!


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    Re: New Lawn Care Business in Frisco, TX

    Hello FriscoBob,

    Welcome to the Lawn Service Forum Community!

    You have a nice clean looking website.
    GrassMaster, LSF Administrator!
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      Re: New Lawn Care Business in Frisco, TX

      Hi FriscoBob, no doubt..great site, looks like you cover a lot of services. Nice blog as well. I just found this forum and I'm pretty stoked. Will be nice to converse with other pro's.

      I just started my lawn care business this year. So far, it's been pretty good.

      Here is a link to my site,

      We are already cutting down here in Jacksonville, Florida.


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        Re: New Lawn Care Business in Frisco, TX

        Hello FriscoBob,

        I am happy To Join Lawn Service Forum Community!
        Oscar Kane
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          All I see is a database error on that wordpress site


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            Congrats with your new business.

            Here are some marketing tips for you:-

            > While you may have a few clients already lined up for your new lawn care business, to bring in a steady, full-time income, you are going to have to learn how to secure more clients. The first step is placing an ad for your services in the newspaper.

            > The next step is creating a brochure for your lawn care business and the services you can provide to your clients. Keep these brochures handy and make sure you leave a few at some of the local gathering places in your community.

            >You will also need business cards for your business and, like the brochures, keep extra with you at all times. Give them out to everyone you know and, again, leave them at places where those in your community are known to gather.

            > Last, if you are need to fill up your schedule, do not dismiss the idea of a direct mailing. Mailing out postcards to those in your target area is a great way to secure new clients.

            Wishing you a good luck with your business.


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              Congratulations on your new business.


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                Congrats on your new business! I also recently started my own business, Athens Lawn Care and Service, so I know how it can be starting out. Trying to focus on optimizing my website now to hopefully generate more business. Wishing you the best of luck!

                Also, if anyone needs any lawn care in the north Georgia area, let me know!
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                  Hope everything goes well with your new venture! I totally get how difficult it is starting out. Try getting someone to work on your SEO!
                  Lawn care, as with every business, needs to get more eyes on your site to get more calls.


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                    FriscoBob you have a good site. And the business is interesting.


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                      Hi all.
                      i have a idea for lawn business. you can try to online plate from . if you start lawn care new business.them need your lawn care smart name a domain with smart logo for your site .i can help you for smart lawn care logo. if you interested seen my lawn logo. have a nice day.


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                        As someone who has been providing end-of-tenancy cleaning in London for 10 years now, I can assure you that simply overdelivering alone would bring you piles of clients long-term!


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                          All the best for your new project.


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                            All the best for your project.