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    Hey guys, I am interested in expanding my business and getting into commercial maintenance. I have an opportunity to make a proposal to a bank with 5 locations in this region. I have done a lot of research on proposal templates, but where do I start on a price? How do I come up with an amount? I have no idea what the existing company charges.

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      You will want to hire an attorney so they can help you draw up the contract, you need a contract in addition to a million gen.bus.liability and a whole slew of other things... Tell you what, unless you own a large operation I'm a solo and I'm not trying to talk you out of commercial contracts but I can tell you from my experience I found it best to start out with Mom & Pop operations. Single-owner businesses and such that have their own lots (leased is fine but the whole lot is theirs) and where you deal direct with the folks stroking the check. For myself I had a few over the years, a muffler shop once... An air conditioning / heating company another time...

      Unless you have help I'd stay under 2 acres in total area, you'd be surprised how much work parking lots can generate (as well it helps to familiarize yourself with the times when their customer traffic is low because you want as few cars as possible in the lot). Doing things when they are closed is a huge plus, some companies do their work at night or on Sundays just for that reason (to reduce liability).

      I would also stick to contracts that comprise less than 5% of your total annual (so that if things go south it doesn't risk a major chunk of your income). After my stint with commercial lots I pretty much ended up sticking to residential, but a year or two ago I joined a thing called TaskEasy (as a contractor). I've had some overall good experiences with that outfit, take on as much or as little as I want, it's all through an app.