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    lawn service miami fl need some feed back
    lawn service Miami

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    Just a couple thoughts...

    Logo on home page is too small. The huge graphic banner dwarfs the logo!

    Check grammar and spelling, especially on your home page. Secondly, what's this guarantee you speak of that backs your work? You mention it, yet no where in your website does it go into detail of the guarantee. Don't be too vague; people will want to know, and they ain't gonna call you up to ask.

    Replace the blurred picture of the fool zooming across a lawn on the John Deere. If you were looking online for a mowing service and happened across your website, would you be impressed with a picture like that? (....not on my lawn....)

    Speaking of pictures, it's ok to use stock photos, but that's exactly what they are. They never look original. Do you have some others of your own you could replace the stock photos with?

    On your services page you go into detail about landscaping, but then it appears lawn care is merely an afterthought. Perhaps you could create two separate pages, one for landscaping and another for lawn care, then delete the services page entirely. This way potential customers can more easily find the information they seek. Oh....and write more into detail about lawn care.

    The payment icon of 'cash' looks scrubbish. Nothing wrong with accepting cash (assuming you report it on your income taxes), but don't advertise it. Frankly....who doesn't accept cash?

    You might think about listing an address on your contact page, you'd be surprised at the number of bid solicitations you'd receive. If you don't want to list your home address, consider renting a PO box. They're cheap and a secure place for your customers to send payments to anyway (assuming they all don't pay cash in person).

    Lastly, what is up with the .tk domain? I've never heard of it. I couldn't image anyone would ever remember it either.:alien::alien::alien:
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      good in put im going to fix it
      lawn service Miami


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        Checked out the site. There's still this wide space from the top of the page to the top of the banner. Maybe it's just me and my thing about empty spaces. Anyway, you can have a section of your homepage contain updates on your services. Don't just have static content. Visitors return to websites that offer something new or fresh on a regular basis.


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          Re: web page

          i think so you might think about listing an address on your contact page, you'd be surprised at the number of bid solicitations you'd receive.,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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            Re: web page

            thoughts on mine? landscaping bend


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              Re: web page

              I checked out your stuff Irrigator and your website is very long and thorough. The home page is fantastic and lengthy. The only concern I have is that your bonus ("​Call now and receive 20% off all dethatching and aeration as well as irrigation and backflow testing (required annually by the state) for $70!") is listed at the very end of your very long home page. I understand that you offer a special bonus coupon, so why would you not just make that the bonus and list it at the top instead of burying it at the bottom. Other than that, it is fantastic.

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