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  • New Website - Comments Appreciated

    Hello, I have finally made a webpage for our 10+ year old business. Have to get into the digital age sometime.

    I was hoping for any comments or suggestions to improve the site.

    Before any suggestions are made, please keep in mind that this business is property maintenance. It includes landscaping services(not only lawn services, but your community seems very knowledgeable). We have also intended the site to be more professional-looking rather than flashy.

    Basically, the type of suggestions we are looking for are along the lines of word usage and and link placement.

    Thank you very much,
    Nickel Solutions, LLC

    Nickel Solutions - Property Maintenance - Serving ALL of Central Florida

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    I have never cared for the, beat any price thing.
    What happens if someone bid way, way low....would you still beat that price ?

    Quality Is Good


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      Originally posted by Sammy View Post
      I have never cared for the, beat any price thing.
      What happens if someone bid way, way low....would you still beat that price ?
      Yeah...I offered that same deal back when I operated under the name of Econo-Cut. Both the offer and name were axed the following year for several reasons. You're either selling your service, or your price. You can't sell both. :alien::alien::alien:
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        Don't you guys believe your all not interested in his customers. Don't smart consumers with money understand that beating prices mean less service.
        Ron Musgraves



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          No, we beat any price only goes for written estimates from licensed and insured companies. Not just anyone writing numbers on a piece of paper.

          But Ron, just because a company offers a lower price than it's competitors does NOT mean the customer will get substandard service. Nickel Solutions has always provided the best services possible. So please try to be more constructive in this(and other) forum(s).

          A positive, or negative, attitude speaks to professionalism.

          Thank you.

          Nickel Solutions - Property Maintenance - Serving ALL of Central Florida


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            Who designed your site? Did you pay someone to do it?
            Using tables for the layout and structure of web pages is a very out-dated way of doing it. You navigation is the center of your homepage a bit splotchy, I would suggest having that redone.
            Other than that, it looks real good. Great colors, I like the simplicity of it.


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              Re: New Website - Comments Appreciated

    , when I clicked on your link, I was not able to find your website at all. Has your website been taken down or did you forget to pay the renewal fee? When I go to my website, Marietta Tree Services, it shows up. When I go to, I receive no webpage. I will not be able to give any advice for you if there is no website to give advice from.


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                I hope you haven't given up on your site NickelSolutions! I am pretty experienced in creating web sites that are responsive on smart phones and tablets. It seems like you let your domain expire and need to simply re purchase it. I would love to assist you in getting it back up and submitting some feedback. Here is an example of site I put up in a matter of minutes

                I can assist you with the same if you'd like. Us business owners have to stick together these days to succeed.