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    Does anyone have any experience with Pay Per Click marketing?

    I'm trying to decide if I should use Google AdWords or Facebook?

    If anyone has used both and would care to share the results, that would be much appreciated.

    Jim O'
    Boise Lawn Experts

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    Re: PPC Marketing Channel

    Adwords works, once you know how to do it right- but you can easily spend a couple $K just figuring out what works.

    FB is super easy to target, and the clicks are much less expensive- but right now anyways, they just can't deliver the same amount or quality of traffic as Google. They seem to get closer every day though.
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      Re: PPC Marketing Channel

      Which PPC did you end up with? I believe on Google you can target on the specific location where your ads will show. Not sure if Facebook have that feature.


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        Re: PPC Marketing Channel

        Hi BLE,

        Google Adwords and Facebook Ads both works. It really depends on your situation.

        Google Ads target your prospects by keywords and geolocation, while Facebook ads can target by demographics such as city, gender, age etc.

        The best way for us is to use both Google ads and FB ads.

        1. We set up an landing page for Google ads to capture 10% of prospects who will respond to the sales pitch.

        2. We use the Facebook custom audience feature to recapture the 90% of prospects who leave the landing pages.

        3. Retargeting the 90% prospects in Facebook ads and drive them back to website to become leads.

        This strategy works really well since it use facebook to retargeting the cold prospects and get really high conversion rate.
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          Twitter is the best PPC marketing channel, it is always easier for Internet marketers to work with ads because here it is possible to use keywords for targeting. It is also possible to target individual user accounts.


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            I was wondering the same thing so I'm glad you asked. I wouldn't have even thought of twitter?

            Chase C.