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What happened to the site?

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  • What happened to the site?

    I used to be a regular here until I moved to NC and got out of the business. Now that I am back at it, I looked and looked for this site and now I found it, it is dead. I used to post as Floridalawncare, but since that company is no longer, I use my current business name.

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    Online forums are dead, and if they haven't died, they're dying. Facebook has replaced such forum platforms. I just created a group on facebook, "Old Lawn Service Forum." My hope is to get a decent group of us old members back together. I miss those days.
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      Hello MASTERMOWER,

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        I checked over at ********, and they, like always, have a handful of trolls that post nothing but praise for the sponsor's products and try to run off anyone else with an opinion that doesn't align with their's.