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  • New tight space tree trimmer

    I have a few customers who want me to take care of trees for them. I am far from a tree expert but can certainly do minor stuff without screwing it up too bad. At least make it look better after then before:laughing:

    I went to the Stihl dealer and purchased a home owner special; a Stihl MS180c. I took it out today and did a dozen or so Doug firs and was very pleasantly surprised! First, the thing looks like a baby version of my MS460. Second I can reach out and if necessary use it with one hand-you would not want to try that with the MS460…ever…

    Any way-anyone else use these home owner saws for trimming? For about $180 you can't beat it!
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    not a bad saw at all IMO. I've gone through several over the years. I like em cuz they're tiny, lightweight and inexpensive.
    with all the money I've spent on chainsaws over the years I guess I could've bought some serious upper level saws like a MS192 for that size. But you get what you feel you can afford and get the job done at the time.
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      I was thinking about an MS260 but they start at around $500 or more whereas this thing is cheap.

      The MS192 is more saw then I can handle. It has no safeties and you really need to know what you are doing for an arborist saw like that.

      The MS560 is going for around $1000 these days but any idiot can use it-the MS192 will shread you real fast if you are not sure what you are doing. If you do buy one be very careful.
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