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"exmark encore" is this a good machine?

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  • "exmark encore" is this a good machine?

    I am looking at this exmark encore machine being sold on craigslist in my area... after reading about encores on this site I dont want to get it if it is the encore quality... however maybe this machine was made before the companies split? does anyone know?

    Also any general comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I do not know much about these commercial mowers. I did ask him if it was belt or hydro, how many hours on it, and if it comes with grass catcher.

    Thanks a lot. Eric

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    Generic old belt drive design. I'd estimate it from early 90's, possibly late 80's. Not really worth more than $500 IMO if everything functions normally with no mechanical issues. Look for cracks in the frame and/or non-factory welds as this is a sure sign the unit had been abused. :alien::alien::alien:
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      Thanks a lot... the guy definately seemed a little shady about telling me answers to my questions... he didnt seem to want to tell me much history... or just didnt know it... so I think I am going to pass on that one

      This is just for mowing my personal property... is there any make/model in particular that I may want to look out for?

      Trying to get an excellent machine for a good deal. Just have to keep it realistically priced since it is just for mowing only about .5 acres now and 1 acre in the future... I do want a walk behind though because I want the exercise.

      Would be nice if it were less than $1000 but I dont know what is realistic in this market.

      How about this one?
      Maybe I could talk him down to $1300?

      Thanks a lot, Eric