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Grasshopper, the unsung champion?

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  • Grasshopper, the unsung champion?

    So I was using my 725K Grasshopper the other day and thinking how good the thing cuts. Even with Ferris ICD, Scag Velocity, JD 7iron, etc., none of these top my 2003 Grasshopper in terms of cut quality, ride, or durability. The front deck trims better than any other, follows the ground better and scalps less, lays stripes like nobodies business. Only downfall is the length of the machine makes it a tight fit in some places, impossible in others.

    Now my newer equipment, such as my 329/61, will cut at a faster pace, but only due to the fact it has more horsepower. The 25hp Kohler by no means can overpower the deck it is pulling. In fact it is the other way around...