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  • 17hp kawasaki

    I have a Toro with 1100 hrs with 17hp Kawasaki, new plugs, ignition coils, fuel filter and pump.... after about and hour of running, the machine spits and chokes like it's starving for fuel and the blade will disengage. Local mechanic is at a lose.... anyone have any idea? Thanks

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    Sounded like a coil but I see you changed that. These are shots in the dark but...the breather isn't clogged or is it? Maybe a safety switch or oil pressure switch. If the oil heats up and thins out if may trip the pressure switch but I don't think it would sound like it's starving.


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      Re: 17hp kawasaki

      I would check all electrical connections including battery terminals. Heat from the engine can make electrical go screwy. If your blades disengage at the same time your engine starts to die it's probably electrical. If your blades disengage a bit after then your engine is probably making your blades disengage in some way.