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Honda HRX 217 Carb Leaking Gas

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  • Honda HRX 217 Carb Leaking Gas

    Hello I Recently purchased a Honda Model-HRX217HXA Self Propelled Lawn Mower to do a bit of yard work for myself and others.
    I had to purchase a new carb and all the gaskets after purchasing it... Now it runs Great, but I have a problem it leaks gas really bad if i am mowing side ways on a hill with the carb facing downward, It is coming from the small hole in the carb and I have never seen this happen before I thought that was just a air hole. The float does not seem to be sticking cause gas does not come out of the carb if on level ground at all... and I took the bowl off and let gas flow though the car, and then with my finger pushed up on the float and the gas stopped coming in... I have never seen this happen before the hole is above the throttle part, I have no clue why gas is coming out of there for at all it does not come out on level ground, just sideways on a hill with carb facing download.. in the photo it is the small hole top left corner right above where you put in the long screw to hold the carb in place

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    Re: Honda HRX 217 Carb Leaking Gas

    My guess is that this is a bowl vent. Here is a passage I got from another site,

    "This the fuel bowl vent, necessary for two reasons. One so empty bowl can fill with fuel. If fuel enters bowl, bowl will not fill unless air present inside can be allowed to escape. Vent provides path through which air can leave bowl. Air and fuel vapors from bowl vented into carburetor so can be used by engine. Second reason for fuel bowl vent to allow atmospheric pressure to be exerted on surface of fuel in bowl. With carburetor, atmospheric pressure needed to force fuel up into venture."

    I am guessing by tipping the mower, nothing is stopping the fuel from flowing from this passage. You may see if you can get a small copper tube that will fit in that hole. Then bend it so that it reaches a few more inches above the carburetor. Hopefully this will give just a little bit extra to allow you to tilt your mower as much as you need.

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      Re: Honda HRX 217 Carb Leaking Gas

      I'm not sure how you would put a copper tube in that hole since the air cleaner bolts to that side.
      I had this same issue with a customer and I ended up calling Honda and they said that there is no fix. The fuel is coming from the breather and Honda mowers are only able to mow on a 20 degree slope or less. They suggest to mow the hill up and down not side to side.


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        That's strange, I have an HRR and don't think I've ever had it leak fuel while mowing even steep hills, only time it will leak is by that time it's tipping over too... If I were you I might try ordering one of the <$10 aftermarket Chinese carburetors from ebay just to see if those are any better or... Mow the hill carb side up only.