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Bobcat Ransomes T22D mower Hydrostat line leak

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  • Bobcat Ransomes T22D mower Hydrostat line leak

    I have a 72" front 3 blade 24hp disesl Bobcat Ransomes that I bought used 3 yrs ago. I am having a hard time finding parts and repair advice, but, so far, it's been good, and I love it. I have a persistent hydrostat fluid leak from one of the hard metal lines that comes from the top of the trans , then goes down under and back up to a sort of 3 way block. There is a heavy rubber hose that connects there, where this one also connects, and in the middle is some sort of nut with what appears to be a spring. Everything is tight, but I have no idea what the block is, nor what that middle nut is, (it had been leaking also). I took off the hard line, put some pipe tape on it, but it still leaks. I see no O ring. Why is that leaking? They come from the factory just connected with nothing else, what makes that leak?
    Could my pressure relief valve be bad? I don't even know where that is.
    I really need a BR expert to help...any advice is appreciated.