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Stihl FS90R weed eater - broken tank vent

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  • Stihl FS90R weed eater - broken tank vent

    So I have an FS90R - doing some regular maintenance to it and noticed the top of the fuel tank vent was missing. Bought a new one but I can't remove the old. Trying with tweezers and small flathead screwdriver. Do I have to remove the fuel tank? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: Stihl FS90R weed eater - broken tank vent

    try putting a few drops of oil or spraying some WD40 around edge of tank vent while you're prying on it with a flat head screwdriver so some of the lubricant works it's way onto the O-Ring that is on the vent. Once it's lubricated, keep working the screwdriver carefully until the vent pops off.


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      First off I realize this post is about a year old, but I'm posting the answer in case it helps someone else.

      I'll make a video of my KM130 tomorrow when I go to replace it if I can remember b.c lately I've been busier than a one legged man in a asskicking contest... It does come out, you have to get in there with a smallish flathead and carefully pry... Maybe even tap the screwdriver lightly with a hammer to get it down between, but careful and slow and nice and easy does it. Obviously you don't have to be afraid of breaking what's in there now but DO be afraid of cracking the gas tank, you shouldn't have to remove it, can't say whether doing so would make it easier or not but it does help if the carburetor is out of the way, I would definitely get that off.


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        It's good you posted. I am sure this would help the person dealing.