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Lawnmower will not start after it runs a while and is cut off.

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  • Lawnmower will not start after it runs a while and is cut off.

    I have a 22 inch Toro Recycler Model # 20074 which was purchased in 2007. It has a Tecumseh LV195EA-362090D engine which runs perfectly and starts by battery upon the turn of the key.
    While the engine is not excessively hot you can cut it off and it will restart just fine.
    The problem is that when the engine gets rather hot after running for a while it will not restart when you cut it off. I have to wait until it cools down and
    then it will start again.

    I have had it taken to a shop and they replaced the spark plug. I am sure they did not run it to get it hot because when I got it back it was not fixed. It still
    would not start after turned off while hot.

    I am mechanically minded and would like to know if anyone can suggest how I can fix this?

    It has a Tecumseh LV195EA-362090D engine.

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    Re: Lawnmower will not start after it runs a while and is cut off.

    Hello Everybody,

    Check your coil (flywheel magneto) see if it's firing when hot. Shooting in the dark here, I think it has a vented fuel cap, you could unscrew it when hot, to see if it cranks then. What's left? Check your valves... Good Luck!

    PS: Please let us know what the problem was.
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      Common problem with small engines, could be a number of things, I have at least one that does it to me now and have had a number over the years... The easy solution is to make sure you are done using that machine before turning it off... As in leave it running until you're sure if you have to, but run it until you are done then turn it off.

      Folks at the repair shop should've known the above and at least told you as much, that's what I was told when I brought mine in for that issue... Now and again you'll run into folks who keep complaining and talking about "but it shouldn't be like that" and these folks will likely spend a lot of time and money trying to fix the issue, or you can follow the suggestion I was given (don't turn it off until you are sure you're done using it for that yard).