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    i used the search on here to find the going rate for stump grinding. seemed to be two dllars per inch was an average price. does that include replacing the hole with some dirt and sed? if not i need to know what the general price is for that i know the materils cost isnt much. thanks

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    There's normally a flat rate for up to a certain diameter. Then they add more $$$ per inch. Or it's like $50 to come out and then they charge you per inch for whatever the size is.

    It's much much more than just $2 per inch. And most companies will leave the grindings or charge about 1/2 what the stump bid was to remove the grindings.

    The guys doing the work around here have really raised their rates. I got a quote last year for a decent sized stump removal. Around a 48" stump and the price was like $400 or $500?

    I remember posting it on the board along with what they were going to charge to remove the grindings. Can't recall the exact figures, but the search feature should have turned it up, I guess not though.

    But $2 per inch is way too low these days. It might be almost 3 times that amount.

    I have a smaller stump grinder, but we only use it when we need to remove stumps or shrub roots on landscape installs. So I price that more along the lines of my normal install hourly rate. So I don't want to throw out any figures that are 100% fact for what 'I' would charge. But I do know others charge a good amount above what you were thinking.
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