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    just starting a lawn care business. any tips from the pros to help out im a full time firefighter so this will be a part-time business i work 24 on and 48 off. i would like tips on pricing mowing jobs and insurance, and what zero turn mowers are the best to buy and any other tips that you think may help. i will be mowing in north east alabama

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    Welcome to the Forum!

    You have found the best site on the net for lawn care. I am by no means a pro yet, but there are many on this forum. In the mean time I would try using the search feature. You will find tons of helpful info by doing so.
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      Good fortunes in your new business. You may want to surf through this site there is alot of information already posted. On cost and what to charge which is very helpful. as far a equipment goes you will find that every one has their opinions on what is the best zero turns are. I own three different makes and I like them all. so you might want to find a good dealer to back up what you purchase. and I would suggest you educate yourself on what your area's needs are. meaning are you going to mow nice yards or do field mowing. are you going to be a seasonal guy or are wanting contracts. you have alot of questions to answer when starting this business. good luck


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        Hey firefighter 306 welcome to these forums and good luck in your business venture!!!

        Lets see mower brands for you to look into an equipment! Basically as said above there are many depending on the dealers in your area and I know where a bunch are in north alabama!

        Where are you at I am in madison county, outside of Huntsville allittle!!

        Grasshopper mowers are great which I can give you a place that sells them locally. Go to Huntsville Ford Tractor for Redmax equipment, KUBOTA (very nice mowers!)

        I do not own these brands but use them bascially daily as the company I work for. We also have STIHL around, there is 1 place in town (HILL LAWN MOWER) that sells stihl, billy goat vancumes, walker mowers, and toro. Or you could go to LAWN MOWER PLUS for STIHL and GRAVELY!

        These obvious bits of information should lead you to the conclusion that just get out there and explore an check it out!

        And I recently some months back this year bought a Cub Cadet ZTR that is great so far, the smaller lowers/ tsc model, but it is an awesome cut so for commercial applications you might look at the M60 TANK an others! I know where you can buy commercial cub cadet mowers an tractors locally.

        Anyways good luck!! This should show you the north alabama area offers about everything.


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          Once you start getting some equipment, make sure to keep everything locked up. People will take just about anything they can get their grimey little hands on. Trust me on this one. Invest in some nice big locks and some thick chain, it will really keep your stuff much more secure and safe.

          Thats my 2 cents....


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            Here are some tips for starting a part-time lawn care business in northeast Alabama:

            • Research what other lawn care businesses in your area are charging. You can do this by calling around or looking at their websites.
            • Consider the size and complexity of the lawns you will be mowing.
            • Factor in your costs, such as fuel, equipment maintenance, and insurance.
            • Set prices that are competitive but also profitable.
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