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Single VS dual axle trailers

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  • Single VS dual axle trailers

    (assume everything else is comparable).
    Around here new single axle trailers are about the same cost as a used dual axle. What are the tradeoffs? Is there a significant difference between ride & handling? Hearing a single hit a pothole makes me grit my teeth, but are the tandems any better? Obviously more weight, hardware and rubber to maintain on the tandems. Am I missing anything? Thanks!

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    Welcome Shalmanesar to the forum.

    Everything is better with dual axle, lot smoother ride, handling better. You will not be beating your equipment to death. You will be able to drive farther if you have a flat, with a single axle a flat will stop you dead in your tracks. You will have a few more flats with dual axle, keep the crappy tires on the rear.
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      I have two 6x12 single axle trailers, I wouldn't want double axles myself but it all depends what you want. Double axle trailers will require more maintenance on the truck and don't forget tires, the double axle trailer has four 80-100 dollar tires as opposed to two on the single axle. All I've ever had are single axles... The single axle trailer suffers tire wear mostly from the weight, if you load heavy your tires will wear a lot faster. The double axle trailer wears tires in the turns, the axles don't turn with the trailer so when your truck turns the tires get dragged around and that results in faster tire wear.

      You can compensate somewhat by getting heavy duty (C-rated or 6-ply) radial tires on the single axle trailers, as well logistics is huge on either... While the double axle allows you to take more equipment with you either way if you load a lot you will play musical equipment all day. To take care of this I usually plan ALL the same work for a whole day (like all mowing, or all mulch, or all whatever I'm doing that is what I do that day, the whole day), doing that keeps my equipment numbers down to the one or two or three things I have to have with me.

      All depends what you want, the double axle is definitely easier in the logistics department thou you'll still play musical equipment regardless.

      Load also affects your truck's drive-ability, fuel mileage and overall wear and tear.
      The heavier you load the worse your fuel mileage and the more maintenance your truck will need.

      As for flat tires I've had two in 16 years but yes they will ruin a good day so I've had spares mounted (an add-on option that costs a few hundred), the biggest issue would be having to leave the trailer on the side of the road somewhere with all your equipment in it, the feeling of leaving it there while you run up the road for repairs is not a good one.