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  • Customers not paying

    I never used to have a problem with this, but it's getting steadily worse as time goes on. I have too many outstanding customers on my hands and was wondering what methods have worked for people in the past. I'm tired of writing it off, it's starting to effect my bottom line. Does anyone have this problem and what do you recommend? Would really appreciate your experience.

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    I had the same problem. I was referred to an agency by a friend of mine who is an Affiliate for them. They didn't charge me anything up front and they had my money back to me pretty quick. I wish I would have used them sooner. Use this link and they will help you out. A lot faster than using a lawyer. Hope it helps!


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        Are you leaving / sending them a bill?
        I do, every time I perform service(s) on a yard.
        That at least informs them what they owe, on that bill is also my address with a note of "please send payment to"

        You have to do that, reason I mention it is I am concerned when you say it's getting out of hand...


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          Don't be a pushover, brother. You need to let people know they owe you money and that you won't take that kind of bull. In a nice way, of course.