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Belt Drive Techniques?

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  • Belt Drive Techniques?

    I had an old belt drive a while back, but switched to hydros. Didn't recall the belt drives to be all that bad

    BUT, just bought a Toro 32" belt drive for some gated properties. I don't remember my old belt drive to be such a pain to use.

    My dealer didn't sell Exmarks. I'm going to call him today and see if I can turn it back in, maybe call it a demo?

    Any good tricks out there? Always having to re-engage the blade is a pain. I generally pull the machine back manually. Maybe a clamp to hold the handle so the blade doesn't did-engage? I hate to override safety devices, but I know sometimes it's what you have to do to gain efficiency.

    I even started going in circles (yikes!) to avoid constant re-engagement.

    Any of you still using belt drives got some tips? You still do 3-point turns with a belt?

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    What is causing the blades to disengage??? This is a most confusing post to me. The only safety that any walk behind I had or used was if you let go of both pistol grips, the mower would shut down. You don't need to let go of the handles to turn or to back up so I'm at a loss. Yes you can do 3 point turns or you can do zero turns with a walk behind (with the blades engaged).


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      On a Toro, if you let go of the grip on the T-bar, the blades disengage. You almost have to let go of the T-bar to pull the mower back or to shift. I can do it one handed, but it seems like I need to get the hang of it to avoid putting the brakes on with one hand (on the T-bar) while I pull with the other on the main handle.

      On the old Toro's, there was a toggle switch. You could walk away from the machine with the blades still spinning.

      I was thinking of a clamp, like a close-pin type to hold the T-bar and keep the blade engagd. It would behave like a 22" mower then.

      It's a new mower, so I know it's behaving well. Many other people use one. Maybe I'm just spoiled by the Hydros. Like my step-sister once said, "Once you go hydro, you never go back", or something to that effect......


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        It's easy to go around that safety feature. But that's all I'll say. All of mine but one has the safety feature working. On my oldest unit with the feature, it was shorting out. So I cut the wires, and spliced them into a simple toggle switch. So, I flip the new toggle switch, then hit the blade engagement button. But as stated, all others still have the safety device.

        You just need to get the hang of it. Simply keep your right hand gripping the bar in neutral position, while pulling back on the red bar. No problems for any of my employees. I do however recall when they first came out. I too was use to the older Toro's with the toggle switch. I did have the blades shut off on me allot at first until I got use to it.

        Other than that, the machine should be very easy to use. Maybe you don't have the drive settings correct. Oh, and I have seen some very 'touchy' safety features that shut off too quickly.
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          Thanks. That explains it. I never used the T-bar so didn't know about that. However, I've never seen other T-bar users post a similar problem, so keep at it and eventually you'll be able to work it one handed. Good luck.


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