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Sprinkler Repair Charges for Sub out?

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  • Sprinkler Repair Charges for Sub out?

    I wanted your guys input on a fair rate to charge my lawnservice customers for sprinkler repair work that i sub out ... Ive got a guy fixing a vacumm breaker for 85 dollars today. Would 105 dollars be a fair price to charge them or should it be more or less? All the work i have in stuff like that is a phone call then paying the sprinkler company and billing the client for the work. thanks for your input maybe ill be through with questions for the day

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    20 % would be a good figure to run with. $85 plus 20% would be $102. I suggest a formula that you use uniformly. That is what we do.
    The green on the lawn and the green in your pocket live in happy harmony.


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      I think you can get this service for a cheaper price. It might be smart to contact the GE APPLIANCE REPAIR service, and ask them what price are they offering. You might find your solution there.


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        Typical costs: Hiring a landscaping or sprinkler company to winterize/blow out a sprinkler system can cost $30-$160 or more, and typically costs about $55-$85 for an average home, depending on the number of irrigation zones in the system, the local cost of living and the month the work is done.

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