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    I have a customer that wants an old system replaced. I can do the labor, but don't know how to price the job. Do any of you guys have experience in this? I appreciate any advice you can give. thanks, gmcarn.

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    Depends on how many zones you got. I've heard people charging anywhere from $300-$350 but I've been constantly lowballed at $250-$300 per zone in our area. At $250 per zone for a five zone you'll be lucky to net $400, depends on what you're actually putting in the ground and how much you have to pay out in labor.

    Just finished an eight zone for a lot just under an acre this saturday and charged $325 per zone. Took five of us just under eight hours. Would've finished quicker but we ran into a few snags.

    You'll also have to call to get all the power, gas, cable, and phone lines marked prior to digging or you could be charged for the repairs. They need 3-5 day notice as a minimum.

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      Go and get 3 prices from reputable irrigation guys in your area, (on a subcontract basis) show to customer ... tell customer you'll beat the lowest of those prices by 5%. It's a learning experience, use it wisely.

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