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Anyone ever seen this?

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  • Anyone ever seen this?

    Have video but can't post, I guess. Customer had a lightning strike. Had original irrigation company replace controller. However, several zones operate as such.. Zone will come on, shut off, come on, shut off, etc. We are not talking about multiple start times scheduled. The zone will come on for a few seconds, stop, come on a couple of more seconds, stop. Will do this over and over on multiple zones. This system does not have a pump or master valve either. I've never ran across this and am stumped.

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    After replacing the controller, and not having a master valve, I'd be willing to bet there is damage to the wires and/or valves as well. Can you test the wire on each zone that this on/off cycle happens to? The lightning could have fried the solenoids on the valves, I've seen it happen before.
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