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Help Winterizing Sprinkler System - First Time

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  • Help Winterizing Sprinkler System - First Time

    Hi Everyone,

    Like everyone, I'd like to save some money and do this myself. It doesn't look like a complicated job at all. I need to go buy a bigger compressor than what I have currently, and get some correct fittings of course.

    My question is, is it imperative that I open up the valves before I blow out each zone? I've seen some videos on You Tube where they simply just connect the compressor, and then run each zone. Not sure if opening up the valves is really necessary or not?

    Attached are pictures of my backflow device. I'm assuming I unplug the white cap on the bottom, and purge the system through there. If this in incorrect please let me know, but I don't see anywhere else to attach (I've read not to attach to the test ****s).