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Irrigation and rain runoff reuse

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  • Irrigation and rain runoff reuse

    Looking for some feedback and suggestions. Hope this is the correct forum for this.

    In Southern CA we have very little rain during the winter and none in the summer I have been collecting rain barrels and have a couple at each downspout, I have several elevated over our raised garden beds and use a sump pump to move the water over there when the bucket is filled with water from a downspout, currently a temporary setup just using a plastic tub. I was thinking about how I could move all the water from the other rain barrels on the other side of the house over to the garden for more convenient re-use and it occurred to me that the yard drains all flow in that direction and each of the downspouts is next to a drain. My idea now is to move all the rain barrels over to the garden and direct the downspouts to the drains and insert a sump/storm water pit in the ground next to the garden where the drain runs. I can direct the drains into the pit and pump the water collected up into the barrels. I should have the benefit of collecting rain water that flows across the ground to these drains normally. We have a very large hill just behind our yard which directs a LOT of water into the yard when it does actually rain. When the barrels are full they have an overflow that goes into the drains past where I would install the pump so it would go out to the street as it does normally. The water pit would also have an overflow that allows the water out to the street if the pump is overwhelmed. It seems like a good idea to me Just wanted to see if anyone else has done something similar or knows of any potential issues I should be aware of.