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LED landscape lighting flashes on startup

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  • LED landscape lighting flashes on startup

    I have installed new LED landscape lighting using a 300W transformer, ten 18W LED lights. When 1st installed, the lights came on no problem. After a week, several of the lights will flash during startup. There is 1 LED light only 5 feet from the transformer and that light does NOT flash. I can turn them off, then back on, they usually flash every time now. I checked the voltage at the 15V terminals and it is around 14.3VAC. The LED lights will operate from 5V-18V I believe. Sometimes they will flash for a few minutes then stay on. Once they are on, they stay on solid. Sometimes they will flash and never come on solid. I started to remove 1 light at a time from the circuit and it does not make a difference. I thought it may be the new 300W transformer but if it is, why doesn't the light close to the transformer flash with the rest of them?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.