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Notifying cust. for upcoming apps

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  • Notifying cust. for upcoming apps

    For your fert app customers, how do you communicate the next application date? Do you call each customer to give schedule date b4 each app, do you just show up when it's time, do you send out postcard with date on it, or do you just leave note saying we have your next app already scheduled on such and such a date? I'm trying to figure out the pros and cons of each and kind of see what the industry norm is. Appreciate the feedback in advance.

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    we just show up when its time. only call customers who have locked gates, dogs that are ussually roaming freely on the lawn or those who request a call ahead for some other reason.

    We leave an invoice at time of application, it states that their lawn will automatically be scheduled for its next application in 6-7 weeks.


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      Obviously all customers would like to have an idea of when you are coming but in reality its often to hard to necessarily contact eveyone. As Reis indicated if they request to be called, we will put that iont heir account as such but if there is no need for a call then we will service per our scheduled timing. Its often to hard to predict on Monday that you'll be there Thursday when weather can play a significant role in scheduling as we found out last season. We usually call 24-48 hours in advance so if there is a problem with doing a treatment at a particular time the customer can notify us and we'll reschedule.


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        Thanks for the info. That's kind of what I figured but now I know for certain what some others do.


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