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  • pump problems

    i have a 2600 psi pw., i use it for my use around the house only. the pw runs fine . starts up like a champ, the only problem i have with it is this, i have to be holding the pw wand in hand with trigger engaged when i start up the engine . if i do this the pressure is great and when i disengage the trigger on the wand and try to engage agian ,.the pressure isnt there. only if i stop the engine then engage the trigger then start up the engine agian . will it work properly ,. any one have idea what is wrong ?

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    Sounds to me like you have a BY PASS valve problem. It will hold to a certain pressure and then open. The problem comes in not being able to close again.

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      Thanks for the info, any idea on how to fix the problem or is it one of those things to be taken to professional?