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  • new pressure washer

    Hi there,

    I was thinking of getting an electric pressure washer and wanted to know if you had any favorites. I was hoping to get one I can use for different surfaces and which makes it through the tiniest corner.
    I had a look at websites like this but there is so much variety and different price ranges that I just dont know what to get. What do you think? Can you recommend any of the brands or types?
    Thanks for your help.

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    Get the most gallons per minute you can afford.

    Quality Is Good


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      Gear Cutting

      Gear Cutting is the process of creating gears . The Most common process of gear cutting includes Broaching, hobbing and Machining.


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        Pressure washers are rated by pressure (pounds per square inch: PSI) and flow rate (gallons per minute: GPM). The power of a pressure washer is measure in cleaning units (CU). CU is calculated by multiplying PSI by GPM. A higher CU indicates more cleaning power. Take this points into consideration when you decide on what to purchase and you'll never go wrong.


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          At first be very careful about the electric wearing system of your house.