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    10-12% liquid sodium hypochlorite

    I would have a hard time ordering liquid chlorine since it loses is potency fairly quick.
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      Hi folks,

      Wondered if anybody had had any problems using chlorine,like corroding spray gun or vinyl wood on houses.I seem to be killing the lawn around my house.Should it be watered down further.Currently I am placing syphon tube straight into the chlorine jug.


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        has anybody had problems using chlorine,corrosion of spray guns,equipment.


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          No !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

          Originally posted by tappers View Post
          has anybody had problems using chlorine,corrosion of spray guns,equipment.
          Simple enough answer.......... No .....:laughing:

          No problems whatsoever........ I just always ran clean chemical free water through the pump and wand for a minute letting the unit flush itself out....

          I always wash anything like the frame of the unit down to get any residue off because chlorine can be pretty corrosive to regular tin and metal so i just wash everything down....

          If you carry Jugs or whatever containers of chlorine in the truck and it spills wash it out at the end of the day.....

          Ive seen 2 yr old trucks all corroded that people hauled chlorine around in and were to lazy to wash.... Trucks are expensive compared to a wand or anything on the pressure washer so if i was going to worry about anything getting premature damage it would be the vehicle hauling the chemicals not the cheap pressure washer.....

          Pressure wash the truck down daily after work with th PW and cold chemical free water or a little soap and i find the trucks last just fine ,plus your flushing the pump an extra few minuites after the innitial flushing before washing the vehicle....

          I believe the ceramic parts used as pistons inside the typical PW pump are immume to chemical corrosion anyway because ceramic is naturally pre corroded to begin with.... Thats why they use ceramic , so that along with the use of stainless steel make corrosion a small factor in the life of a Pressure washer

          JMO anyway....


          - ahum : Kawi piston at full speed just before crank wipes out and rod shoots threw block


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            Pressure Washing Chemicals

            Here is some information and tips on pressure washing chemicals
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            Pressure Washing Prices


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              Hey Barry,

              Were are you getting your chemicals from these days? Just this week, I've depleted the last of my RPC products.
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                I think these are enough for it or otherwise consult any painter for it..

                buy Oxyfit


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                  Thanks for sharing Grassmaster great tips for cleaning and washing.
                  Tushar Acharya,
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                    Gear Cutting

                    Gear Cutting is the process of creating gears . The Most common process of gear cutting includes Broaching, hobbing and Machining.


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                      Transportation power washing (pressure washing)

                      Powerful, Inexpensive and Environmental Friendly Cleaners and Solvent Alternative Products. Highly effective and specially formulated Water Dilutable degreaser for quickly removal of heavy oil, grease and rust.


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                        Re: Transportation power washing (pressure washing)

                        We provide pressure washing and industrial cleaning services in Edmonton, Nisku, Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding areas.