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  • Pressure Washing

    I'm in the Florida Panhandle. I've got a customer who wants some pressure washing done. She has 1320 Sqft around the bottom of her house, her eves are 604 sqft, her side walks are 665 sqft and her drive way is 736 sqft. also she has 105 ft of gutters that needs to be cleaned out.

    Please tell me how you would bid this job. By the ft, by the job, or by the hour. and then if you could please tell me what your bid would be. also please tell me what you would charge for the gutters seprate from the pressure washing as I'm going to try to sell her on this serice. I can get on the house roof and just blow them out. Thanks

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    Pwer washing

    I would be very interested in knowing this also. My concern is this. I just bought a new power washing and I was using it on my walk way. It took me like 15 mins to clean a mm 4 ft x 2 ft square of walk way. So if I did the whole thing none stop I was looking at some where around 4 hours to complete my own job so if I charged someone I am looking at least $200 to do the job. that seems high to me. is there a track to power washing cement?? or am I just slow cause I am not using it right?? what is typical pricing for using it and what is a typical time to do a driveway>?>
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      power washing

      guys there's this product in the delco company website that sell a pushmower like attachment to your pressure washer. It has a 30" stainless steel deck with a rotating rod unerneath. and you can clean flat surfaces in 3.5 times faster than by wand. The cost is like around995 bucks!!


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        if done several PW jobs, dont under estimate the job... it looks real simple until you get there and you realize that it's going take you all day. my price is 200 and up. if they dont like it.... oh well, find someone else.