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DO rubber track skidders really suck?

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  • DO rubber track skidders really suck?

    Havent had a chance to plow with my RC-30 yet, and I just gotta know if they do well or are they maligned?
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    Not so good plowing snow. What makes them great in the mud/sand is exactly what makes them so bad in the snow. "Floating" over mud is great, but floating over slippery ice or even a little snow? Not too good for traction.

    Now if they had spiked tracks?

    Hey GeeVee, are ya gonna plow snow down there????
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      In snow, it is because of the weight distribution of track machine vs wheel machine. Pounds per sq in on the tracks is very minmal. My experience is the same as Erich. Track machines are not good in snow.



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        I used both in the snow this last couple of times. I thought I like the tracks better, but it may have just been the different units. Tracks where on a bobcat. Wheels where on an ASV. Different controls and seemed like the bobcat would break up the ice better, which has nothing to do with the tracks...
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